Polyvinyl chloride for paste processing

VESTOLIT B 6512 is a homopolymeric paste PVC that is suitable for producing low to medium viscosity pastes with slightly pseudoplastic flow behavior.
The product shows excellent foaming properties in both semi-rigid and rigid formulations.
VESTOLIT B 6512 is characterized by rapid foaming and very good foam color.
Foams with a fine cell structure can be produced over a wide processing range.
The flow behavior and the fine grain spectrum are tailored to the requirements of rotary screen printing.
The open-cell structure achievable in suitable formulations and the resulting recovery elasticity predestine the product for foamed wallpaper applications.
Due to its low melt viscosity and low tendency to stick to metal surfaces, B 6512 is particularly suitable for embossing foamed wallpaper. In addition, the requirements regarding good impact sound insulation in CV flooring are also supported by the good foam structure.

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