It is a 100% Colombian company of the Ecopetrol Group , whose main plant is located in Cartagena, Colombia. It is dedicated to the production and marketing of raw materials for the plastics industry such as polypropylene, polyethylene and masterbatch. It has been recognized for its commitment to good sustainability practices, leading actions framed in responsible production and consumption, as well as in plastic recycling.


Currently, it is the first exporting company in the Colombian petrochemical sector.



Low fluidity homopolymer polypropylene with excellent mechanical properties and color, excellent thickness control and high melt strength.

Homopolymer polypropylene with high cleanliness and stable processability, excellent thickness control, easy to stretch and orient, low water carryover.

Random copolymer polypropylene with excellent transparency, excellent impact resistance, with clarifying and antistatic additives.

Low fluidity random copolymer polypropylene, very good impact resistance.

Random copolymer polypropylene with controlled rheology, excellent optical properties and processability, with slippery and antiblock additives.

Low fluidity impact copolymer polypropylene, excellent impact stiffness balance.



High-density copolymer polyethylene, low fluidity.

It is a low density resin suggested for use in films that require good clarity and toughness. Contains slip and antiblock additive.

It is a low-density, homopolymer resin that combines strength and rigidity. Contains slip and antiblock additive.

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